Silicon Valley – “The Cap Table”


My apologies for the late review, but every time I go to write about this episode I just end up watching it instead. Even now I have it playing in the background. And that’s just one of the great things about Silicon Valley. It is incredibly re-watchable. There were so many laugh out loud moments evenly placed throughout the episode. But amid all the comedic moments there were some pretty big decisions that had to be made.

There are a number of possible reasons why I’m not rich and successful, or the head of my own company. I just need the opportunity. I just need some financial backing. I just need…whatever. It’s all bullshit. Because frankly, I wouldn’t know what the hell to do if I was given the opportunity or money to build something. We come to find Richard is having the same problem.

Richard created something (an algorithm in this instance) but doesn’t know where to go from there. He thought Peter Gregory would do every thing for him and lead him to success. Or at least be his cool college professor who holds his hand towards making it big. Unfortunately for Richard this is real life, not a college course. He needs to have things like cap tables and business plans. More importantly, he has to have an idea of what his product is. What this company is. That starts with deciding who in his gang is valuable and who is “fat that needs cutting”.

With those decisions come the aura of coming off as an “asshole”. We’ve all been in that position. It’s comparable to something as simple as being the captain of a pick up basketball game. You need to choose the four best players for your team. Some people have qualities that no one else brings, and there’s that one who is the “master of no trades”. And in Richards case that person happens to be his best friend, Big Head. As I’ve said, this episode was really, really funny. Yet I found myself empathizing with Big Head. How often have you thought yourself mediocre at a bunch of things, but never exquisite at one? Especially as a young adult trying to decide on what you want to do with your life. I’m a decent cook but not good enough to be a chef. I work out five days a week but I don’t have the body or the know how to become a personal trainer. It’s something you just don’t see in other “sitcoms” (cough The Big Bang Theory cough).

The episode ends with Big Head hired by Gavin out of spite for $600k just when Richard decides he’s in because if he wanted to sell out he would of done that already. On top of that, Gavin and the fit nerds who work for him are trying to copy Richards algorithm (Clearly I’m not in the tech world. So I don’t know technically what they’re doing, but I get the gist that they want to put out his thing before Richard and Co. do. Under the name Nucleus…whatever the fuck that is). Oh yeah, Richard also can’t deposit his 200k until he files as Pied Piper as a legit business with the IRS. Shit keeps piling up on Richards doorstep and I can’t wait to see how he stays afloat.

Funniest Line(s)

There were too many to list a single one. Honestly, I should just post the scene where Big Head keeps walking in on getting shit talked.

” The idea that I have a boner and you have a boner and he has a boner and we’re all sitting there with boners in our pants ” – Dinesh

” That was weird. I don’t know why I did that. You kind of have like a kingish feeling to you. Like a norse hero from Valhalla ”  – Jared after bowing

” Mushroom stamp….that’s great ” – Erlich

Another great episode for Silicon Valley. As it stands, my top three fears in life are:

  1. Death
  2. Flying
  3. Silicon Valley being cancelled

Hopefully HBO gives this show at least another 8 episodes. It comes on after Game of Thrones so that can only help its chances in terms of viewership. Until next week.



2 thoughts on “Silicon Valley – “The Cap Table”

  1. Show seems to keep on getting better and better, and moving towards something that’s a bit more serious than I had originally expected. Glad too, considering I think Judge is good at balancing-out drama and comedy whenever he needed to. Good review.


    • The latest episode was the best one yet in my opinion. Really excited to see this show unfold ( especially after the news of their renewal ). It’ll be tough to replace the actor who played Peter Gregory.


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