Silicon Valley – “Articles of Incorporation”


Another week, another problem for Richard and company. Amidst all the hilarity (and there were TONS this week) Richard taught us that if we truly believe in something, we need to fight for it. In his case, Richard believes in Pied Piper as the name of his company. As we found out last week, Richard was unable to deposit Peter Gregorys check because the check was made out to PIed Piper and not Richard himself. Unfortunately Pied Piper is already a business. So here’s the question. Does Richard and the guys try to come up with a new name or attempt to make Pied Piper theirs?

As hilariously shown, Richard is the only one who favors the name. Erlich believes you need a name that is capable of being moaned during ejaculation. Dinesh compares their logo to someone eating a dick with a snack dick in waiting. And Gilfoyle…well he’s an illegal immigrant so who cares what he thinks.

Christopher Evan Welch has his strongest episode yet as Peter Gregory. I like how we are led to believe he’s just this quirky (borderline crazy) rich guy who can ramble about random things. Mainly fast food. Maybe he should’ve went to college after all. Instead we get a nice view into how his genius operates. I have no idea if the sesame seed/cicada thing is actually true, but damn did he sell it. It’ll really be interesting to see what the show does with his character. If you didn’t know, Christopher Evan Welch died in late 2013. It’s clear he was supposed to be a main fixture of the show. But as T.J. Miller said in his recent AMA, it’s sad to say but the show must go on.

Richard decides to go straight to the source and make a deal for his company name. Arnold (the farmer guy) initially agrees to a grand for the name before he mistakes Richard as a billionaire taking advantage of him. Love how he keeps being mistaken as a billionaire (no thanks to Erlich’s online post). The scenes with the guy from BevMo were perfect. I don’t know who that actor was but I feel like I’ve seen him in something. He reminds me of Keno(sp?) from TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze.

By episodes end Richard shows us the Herb Cohen he truly is. After almost getting beat to death by Arnold in his own house (luckily Richard and Co kept repeating their own names. Well, Dinesh said “Gilfoyle” but just as effective), Richard sticks to his guns and demands the same deal they shook on. Major guts shown by the Pied Piper founder. I know I would have folded at two grand, especially when Jared (Donald) claimed they could do two thousand.

Random Thoughts

  • Gilfoyle and Dinesh are becoming one of my favorite comedic duos. The reveal that Gilfoyle is the illegal immigrant and not the accused terrorist Dinesh was brilliant. Even made better by the fact that Gilfoyle has no remorse about it at all. It’s truly something that only three episodes in we are so invested in these characters. Especially these two, who are written as secondary characters to Richard, Peter Gregory, Erlich. I would love to listen to a weekly podcast with Dinesh and Gilfoyle.
  • I am enjoying the relationship between Richard and Erlich just as much. T.J. Miller is doing a wonderful job portraying Erlich. It’s a nice mix of the love/pep talks you receive from a big brother, the sternness of your father, and the laziness of the worst roommates we’ve all had in our lives. Richard needs someone like Erlich in his life. We all do. Erlich has that wild, perhaps delusional, enthusiasm for whatever and whoever is in his life. He won’t do anything for you, but he will make sure you’re not just sitting on your ass moping. And then take all the credit. It’s something special that again I don’t see other comedies putting in their shows. Perhaps I’m just not watching enough comedy. I still look forward to the heartfelt moments between the two.
  • After watching for the fifth time I just realized no Big Head this episode. I wonder how prevalent he will be going forward. There is already a pretty big cast, all of whom I want to see stretch their comedic muscles. Hopefully he’s not shunned entirely, but I understand the big five (Richard, Erlich, Jared, Dinesh, Gilfoyle) come first.
  • I’m not the only one with this complaint, but it’s pretty obvious. There’s a major lack of women on this show. I’m sure it’ll be addressed eventually. The interactions with Mochachino were hilarious. Even worse is that the one woman they do have on the show isn’t getting that much to do. Sigh.

– For any one who enjoyed the song in the credits

Funniest Lines

“Uuuuuu-ber” – Dinesh

It looks like a guy sucking a dick, and he’s got another dick tucked behind his ear for later. Like a snack dick.” – Dinesh

Typical lazy immigrant. These people think they can just walk into this country…”

” I did just walk into this country. My car broke down on the Ambassador Bridge. Took me another 15 minutes to get across the border. Major hassle.”  – Dinesh and Gilfoyle

“Technologies. Technolojesus. Oh FUCK.” – Erlich


My favorite episode so far. Though I’ve thought that about each one. Also…. SILICON VALLEY HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON. Life is good. Hopefully the second season will be longer than the eight we are getting now. Either way I’m thrilled that this show seems to be a hit. Great job by HBO. I’m way too happy for people I’ve never met. Until next week!


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