Silicon Valley – “Fiduciary Duties”


“Silicon Valley” is rapidly becoming one of the funniest comedies on television. Last Sundays episode was the least hilarious so far, but in my opinion the strongest. I consider that a huge positive for my favorite non drama on television (Curb will take that spot if it ever comes back).

The fuel that keeps the “Silicon Valley” engine going is the relationship between Richard and Erlich. That’s what keeps me coming back every single Sunday. Okay fine. The comedy duo of Dinesh and Gilfoyle certainly do help. But most of all I want to see the rise of Pied Piper and the fall of the greatest partnership of the new decade: Richard Hendricks and Erlich Bachman. The show is portraying the comedic version of Jobs and Woz. And the struggles of having a partnership. A friendship. It’s hard to maintain both. Ego’s will almost always clash when success arises. To me it has become riveting television. The scene near the end where Richard admits he needs Erlich gave me both goosebumps and wet eyes. Maybe I’m just a pussy who wears underwear to a toga party, but you can’t tell me this show lacks heart.

“Fiduciary Duties” gave us the return of Big Head. We find that the one episode sabbatical hasn’t changed him. He might have a big head but he’s packing a small brain. There’s not much the Hooli people can do with him, so Big Head becomes “unassigned”. Don’t know what that means? Neither did Big Head. He essentially is getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit around and do nothing. I believe the term your looking for is “Living the Dream”. In one scene he pops in on Richard to let him know of his new situation (I don’t know if he does this to be a huge dick, or if he’s that dumb and bored he doesn’t realize he’s pissing off Richard. Curious to see how their best friendship holds up throughout the show).

Another episode where I feel very connected to Richard. He has an idea. Unfortunately he doesn’t know what that idea is. No that’s not true. He might have an idea of what it is, but he has no way of putting into words (or paper) what he wants his idea to be. Eventually he realizes that is why Erlich is a valuable partner, but not all of us have people in our lives to speak for us. We’ve all had ideas, for a movie, a book, an invention, an app, a relationship, but very few of us can summarize what we want it to be. “Where do you see that idea in five years?”. I would have no clue. So many people come up with original, exciting ideas. It takes so much more to see it become something real.

Familiar Faces

  • Flo Rida is our second big name music act to appear on the show. Could they have chosen two “douche-ier” artists than Kid Rock and FLo Rida? And I wonder if those two understand that’s why they were asked on. I can totally see big companies bringing in big name artists they think are “hip”. I’m predicting Pitbull shows up for the finale. (By the way, I love Kid Rock. He slayed in “Joe Dirt”)
  • Ginsberg! Ben Feldman, who portrays the always entertaining Michael Ginsberg in Mad Men, shows up this episode as a lawyer. Totally different role than his 60s counterpart, but just as funny. Let this not be the last we see of Ron LaFlamme.

Random Thoughts

  • Love the little laugh Peter Gregory does after Erlich spouts the “When it comes to audio and video files, they might as well be called DripBox”. Welch had so many good lines this episode.
  • 33KphoI Love how contradictory both of these “motivational” posters are. Mike Judge owns workplace comedy.
  • I want Big Head’s wardrobe. The sweartshirt/T-shirt combo he wears during his “unassigned” explanation should be in my closet.

Funniest Quotes

“Thank you, Florida.” – Peter Gregory

“There is a second bar in back. Where the line is much shorter.” – Peter Gregory

Yes, I eata da fish” “MotherFUCK” – Yang and Erlich

“Were there gelatin shots?” – Jared


We are at the half way point with four more episodes to go. I’m cherishing them as if they were my children. Don’t take them for granted. There is something special going on here.



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