Silicon Valley – “Signaling Risk”


Where last week was about moving the story and characters along, this episode punched us in the gut with laughter. There wasn’t one scene that didn’t make me audibly laugh. At this point, the only disappointment about “Silicon Valley” is the length of each episode.

The gang has to deal with a couple of things this week. Erlich, it seems, is in charge of the Pied Piper logo. Leave it to Erlich to pay ten thousand dollars to a street artist to design a logo. Richard entered Pied Piper into the TechCrunch Disrupt. Peter Gregory and Monica are none too thrilled with this, and now Richard and friends need to present a live demo in eight weeks. Oh, and Jared is trying to make every one involved more productive. It’s been a joy to watch.

What it comes down to is this. Each person involved (other than Jared) has no idea what they’re doing. There is no guideline to becoming a successful corporation. But you DO need guidelines. You need structure. You need…stories? It cannot just be a free for all, do what you want, when you want system. You want to think outside the box, but also be cognizant of what works. Case in point the logo. Erlich doesn’t want to all out mimic other companies, but maybe they have something there with keeping it simple.

Apparently this was the last episode for Christopher Evan Welch and I’m sad to hear it. Clearly the show was setting up for a showdown between Peter Gregory and Gavin Belson. Old friends turned bitter enemies. Their interaction was great, especially on Gregory’s part, and I’m solemnly awaiting how they write him out.

Random Thoughts

  • Was any one surprised by the romance budding between Richard and Monica? Nobody? Yeah, same here.
  • The show is at a comedic high when Dinesh and Gilfoyle are interacting with each other. This episode had plenty of that. The car scene fight was the perfect way to start the episode.
  • Diplo at Facebook Event This is a real life event at Facebook. Apparently Diplo is playing and let’s just say people aren’t too wild for the music…
  • Who recognized Chuy from the episode? He was the Secretary of Defense in Idiocracy. A Mike Judge alum.

Funny Quotes

“I’ve got a story, why don’t you choke on my balls.” – Gilfoyle

“Granted it’s not ideal but we’re just gonna have t…what the good fuck” – Erlich

“Here’s the headline: there’s a lot right with it” – Erlich

“Can we please both go?” – Dinesh in response to seeing the logo

Guess what guys? This was my favorite episode yet! Actually, they’ve all been equally great. Thanks to Erlich and Dinesh, this might have been the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. See ya next week.




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