The Strain – “Gone Smooth” and “It’s Not for Everyone”


The entirety of August so far has consisted of french women, Belgian chocolates, the sins of Amsterdam, and endless playings of Molly Malone. I did the Europe backpacking thing, which left me unable to hate view any more episodes of The Strain. Finally I’ve been able to get a little caught up after a few days of feeling like a walker. Damn, wrong show. Yesterday I watched episodes three and four without feeling like a waste of life. These were two pretty solid episodes, and definitely a step in the right direction.

The biggest development is that Eph, Nora, and Jim now know that there’s something wrong. Terribly wrong. This infection causes people to turn into, well, something that is not a person. It’s beginning to dawn on them that the way they used to combat outbreaks are now extinct. In this case, they’ll have to do things in a much bloodier fashion. And Nora it seems is just not okay with that. Fortunately for us Eph and Setrakian are all but too willing to lay down the law, especially the old man. Look, this show doesn’t have to be Mad Men, okay. Everyone watches The Walking Dead to see zombies get wrecked. The Strain should have those same expectations. Take it easy with the Eph and his son bits, and let old man Setrakian go wild with that sword of his. It’s an easy formula.

Eichorst continues to show off his cold demeanor by forcing the airplane CEO to shoot himself in the head. Not to mention the way he easily handles Jim. And we get to see how he prepares himself each day. Still not as much make up as my ex girlfriend used on a given day. Fet apparently has an in with the police while also being an exterminator. Seeing rats scurrying out of their homes in an untimely manner definitely gets his attention, and I for one cannot wait until he first crosses paths with a vamp. Gus shows us how much he loves his mom, introduces his fat homeboy, and starts a rivalry with the blacks. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of those guys. Oh, and Bolivar’s penis falls off.

These episodes were all about realization. It looks like everyone is starting to see that something really fucked up is going on. Either to themselves or the world around them.

HIGHLIGHT – The wife feeding the grumpy neighbor to her husband in the shed was just incredible. I’d wish we had one more episode with that guy so we could really start to hate him, but I think we get the gist. It was hilarious, frightening, and kept with the theme that even though these characters see their loved ones turning into monsters, they cant’ seem to let go. In a sick, twisted way, these people are still family. I can name a few of our main characters who will have the same problems if their loved ones fall prey to these beasts.

I’ll watch the next two episodes tomorrow and post something quicker than Setrakian can kill a vampire.


2 thoughts on “The Strain – “Gone Smooth” and “It’s Not for Everyone”

  1. That scene with the shed was definitely the highlight – the pacing, the build-up, the decision that slowly spread across her face – moments like these, that seem to come at the end of the episodes, are my stand-out favorites.

    Great post.


  2. Thanks, friend. I don’t think the show will be winning any Emmy’s for acting, but as long as we keep getting a handful of “shed scenes”, it’ll be just fine.


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