I love you, Mijo


Nah…we don’t want to do this. That’s what I told my hands as they signed me up for this site. Me? Write a blog? Do I really want to be just another statistic? I’m already the guy who exclaims, “WAIT?! You HAVEN’T seen Breaking Bad yet?! It’ is the best drama ever to grace television. What? No, dude. The Wire isn’t even close. So what if they used real gang bangers. Breaking Bad is…I honestly can’t believe you haven’t watched it yet”. My “douche” level is pretty high already. I don’t need to raise it by starting my own blog.

But here I am. AND HERE I STAND. Sorry. Still on that Frozen kick. I’m doing this because I don’t enjoy verbally speaking to people. At the same time, I NEED to let people know how I feel about the True Detective finale. The public has a right to know what my favorite books of 2013 were. And for the love of god, do you not yearn for horribly placed Road House references?! Hell, maybe yer all too stupid to have a good time.

Listen. The odds of this post being read, let alone this blog, is a million to one. Yeah, I’m saying there’s a chance, but I’m not celebrating like Lloyd Christmas. I’m content with being a safety net in case you need some garbage to read. Hopefully you all will have taught me as much as I ever taught you. Okay. Alright. That reference was unnecessary, but it’s one of the best moments in the film. Long story short, I plan on being the Wade Garrett to your Dalton.

I love you, Mijo.

Some quick points

  • The majority of what I write will probably be movie/television related. I don’t claim to know much about either. For example, I tend to say things like “The cinematography in Prisoners was really good”. To be honest, cinematography just makes me think of cinnamon. So there’s that. These posts will just be venting, moments after finishing a certain episode. You will not find the next incarnation of Alan Sepinwall here.
  • Reading is a passion of mine. There should be a fair amount of rambling about Fantasy novels. I can almost guarantee a post on why Boromir is the greatest Middle Earth character.
  • I tend to make lists. Top 10 lists to be exact. If I recall correctly, the first book I ever read was “David Letterman’s Book of Top Ten Lists“. We also share the same hair deficiency. I’ve already thought about making a Top Ten list of Top Ten Lists. So far it’s a battle between Letterman and Sportscenter Not Top Ten.