A New Hope for Star Wars : Cast Breakdown


It would be fair to say Star Wars Episode 7 was not in my top 20 “Most Anticipated Movies” a day ago. I can bang out twenty right now…

  1. Godzilla
  2. X Men DOFP
  3. X Men Apocalypse
  4. Avengers 2
  5. Avengers 3
  6. Batman vs Superman
  7. Justice League
  8. Interstellar
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy
  10. Ant Man
  11. Pitch Perfect 2
  12. TMNT
  13. Fast 7
  14. Raid 3 (I don’t know if it’s been confirmed but this will permanently be on my list until it IS made)
  15. Incredibles 2

Shit. That’s only fifteen. But still, you get the point. Hell, TMNT is on that freaking list! It’s going to be awful. We know this. Yet that should say how detached I was to the new Star Wars trilogy. They felt unnecessary (as do the stand alone films they’ll be putting out. Well, not the Boba Fett one. But a Yoda origin story? Puhlease.), and as much as I’d like to see Luke, Leia, and Han back, I also didn’t want to see them tarnished. But after today’s announcement, my whole perspective was flipped on its head.

Let me start by saying this. For whatever reason, I have faith that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford aren’t going to phone these performances in. Especially Ford. He was always a question mark to me. It seemed like he always preferred Indiana Jones to Han Solo. And we saw all the good the passion for that character did him in the fourth installment. Han Solo will be less difficult to….maintain. There’s not as much physical activity with Han. As long as you can get those smart ass quips timed up and keep your suave, non nonchalant stature, he’ll be fine. We are also hearing that the first movie in the trilogy will be heavy on the Han. Hopefully the story focuses on our younger actors (and from what I’ve heard it will in the eighth and ninth films), not because I dislike Ford or Solo, but because stories need to go on.

I have unwavering confidence in Mark and Carrie (first name basis much), but I have no clue why. Can you picture them wanting to let fans down? I sure can’t. Especially Mark Hamill. If it wasn’t enough being Luke Skywalker, he’s also one of the most successful Jokers ever. Fans adore this man. I’ve heard they’ll have personal trainers. Clearly they don’t need to be jacked, just as long as they don’t look like Billy Dee Williams.

All that stuff is great and assuring, but let’s get to the goods. Today the cast for Star Wars episode 7 was released and you could say it made some waves. The original cast will be back (Hamill, Fisher, Ford along with Mayhew, Daniels, and Baker) but I want to talk about the newbies. Because they were the ones to get me back into the hype machine that is Star Wars EPISODE 7!!!!! Oh boy. Let’s talk about them shall we?

John Boyega

Donald Sterling is having the worst day ever, no? A fan favorite from the glorious “Attack the Block” (watch this film. Listen to the soundtrack. Both outstanding.), Boyega was rumored for a while to be in this film. Am I depressed he may have beaten out Jesse Plemons? Not a chance. Well, maybe a little. I love me some Landry. But not really. Boyega is going to be a star and deservedly so. I’m assuming he will be the main protagonist throughout the trilogy. Honestly, as long as I hear a “bruv” in there I’m all for it.

Daisy Ridley

I’m not even posting a picture. We’ll be seeing enough of this girl for YEARS to come. This girl. I don’t think she’s ready for what’s ahead. She will be every “nerds” wet dream. Not even nerds. Every one’s go to “IT” girl. I mean come ON, Han and Leia’s daughter (speculation)?! She is going to go down in pop culture lore. Probably the biggest no name out of this (allegedly) no name cast. She’s beautiful and that’s really the only thing that matters to me.

Actually that’s not true. It’s been brought up how there seems to be a lack of female characters. It’s just her and Carrie. And I agree, it’s sad. I will say if that’s what the story or script calls for then so be it. You don’t have to change it just to add a female (or black or gay or whatever) character in. Having said that, I truly hope she doesn’t just end up being a romantic device. Enough of this. Why can’t she have her own story to tell as a character that doesn’t involve being rescued by the male protagonist, then in turn falling for each other. Hey, I get it. It’s Disney. They gave us Simba and Nala. Sometimes we want more Mulan. Wait? That guy who trained her came back at the end? Dammit…

Adam Driver

giphyMr. Kennedy sent him to space all right. I have an unfair love for Adam Driver. My face was about to explode with joy when I heard the Nightwing rumors. If there were any truths to that rumor we now know why it wasn’t meant to be. He is the only reason I debate watching Girls. So far I haven’t caved to that monstrosity of a show, but it’s getting harder and harder. This is by FAR my favorite casting….

Oscar Isaac


Woah. Hold the phones. Oscar Isaac is going to be in Star Wars? Oscar fucking Isaac?! The man who lead the best film of last year? The man who holds the title still for “Best Beard”. No one has taken it from him yet. This took me by utter surprise. I’m still a bit speechless. I think the most appealing part of this casting is how up in the air his character is. He could be good or evil. Jedi or a Han Solo/Lando type. It’s mysterious and I love every second of it. It doesn’t get better than this folks. There’s no way to top th…

Andy Serkis

Andy-Serkis_320Jesus H Christ. Is this a joke? Is this a weirdly awesome joke? Give credit where credit is due. J.J. Abrams can cast some shit. Well, technically I should give credit to April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg. They’ve casted all of J.J’s stuff from LOST to Stark Trek to Super 8. And now these glorious few. Serkis I assume will be used as a motion capture actor as per his previous few works (Gollum, Caesar), but I’m pulling for him to have a…”regular” acting role. You know what I mean. The last one I can remember him in was from Nolan’s “The Prestige”. Either way I’m glad to have him aboard. “The Lord of the Rings” are my Star Wars so this news tickled my fancy all right.

Domhnall Gleeson


Watch that video. This guy is talented. And surprisingly hilarious. Who knew Bill Weasley was funny? Not sure what his role will be in this but he has that “Luke” feel to him. Plus his hair was touched by fire. Anyways, watch “About Time” from last year. A gem that went under the radar and has one of the best “Son/Dad” scenes I’ve watched in a long time.

Max von Sydow

At last we get to the legend. That’s what I’m reading at least. He’s been in a bunch, most notably “The Exorcist” and The “Seventh Seal”, but I’ll always know him as the guy who made me cry in “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. Probably the best bet to play a Sith Lord. Driver is probably the up and coming bad boy but this is the big dog. Actually I have no clue. I could equally see him as a mentor. An evil mentor…. Ah no. Just glad to have him here. A bit worried about the age. If I’m not mistaken (probably am) I believe they are filming back to back to back. Hopefully they can squeeze in filming before he leaves us, as terrible as that sounds. It’s not on the GRRM scale, but it would suck to have to replace Sydow. Can you even replace him?

Well there it is. I’m fucking pumped. I’ve heard over and over again how we have a bunch of no names, and that’s true to an extent, but I think we have more “cult favorites” than no names. These people have been around and performed well (besides Daisy), it’s just no one has seen it yet. But rest assured they will. I’m glad Disney/JJ took this route. They have the luxury of casting these actors because it is Star Wars. It doesn’t really matter who is in the cast. People will go because it’s a SW film. Yes it certainly helps to have the original three back. But I would have went regardless. Long story, short: they used actors that I personally am a fan of, which in turn has me psyched for this new trilogy. It would seem I’m not the only one to be rejuvenated. Now I just need to survive until 2015…